Junior Olympics 2023

Colorado Water Polo was able to bring a group of 16U girls to Session 2 in Southern California for Junior Olympics. Rounding out our core four club athletes were two players from other Colorado Clubs, three players from New Mexico, and one from Utah. This group of girls has come together and competed together in various ways throughout the past several years and seeing them come together and compete has been very rewarding. They narrowly missed qualifying for the higher Platinum division on day 1 (by one goal, with some questionable refereeing) and went on to place 5th in Gold and 29th overall in the tournament.

Session III was considerably more busy. Colorado Water Polo was able to send a 16U boys team to the tournament with 7 of our own CWP players, we rounded out our roster with 5 players from other teams in Colorado. They finished 2nd in the Gold division and 20th overall. Our 18U boys helped AWPC to place 7th overall. 

Our younger players competed with Peak Polo in the 12U and 10U divisions. Their team ended 5th in the gold division. Our 10U athletes finished in 1st place in the 10U division bringing home gold medals and championship T-shirts as a part of that squad. 

Pictures are on Instagram and we will add some to our website prior to the fall season.