Age Divisions

Practices are split into different groups based on age, ability level, and season.

During the fall Colorado high school season is competing and practices are split by High School and Middle School and Younger. After the completion of our fall season coaches may move older and more advanced middle schoolers up. We also offer a once-a-week Splashball program on Sundays, this schedule does vary based on tournaments and coach availability.

10 & Under Squad 2022                                   12 & Under Team 2022            16 & Under JO’s Team 2022- Gold Division Champs

Yearly Schedule

We practice year-round with some breaks. Our general yearly schedule is as follows:

Fall Season: Mid-August through early November. High School in state competitions for more information email a coach or visit:
Winter Training: Mid-November through January. ODP camps and competitions take place sure this time but we do not travel as a team.
Spring Season: February through early April. We will compete in both in-state and out-of-state competitions at this time.
Summer Season: Mid-April through July. We will compete in in-state and out-of-state competitions in preparation for Junior Olympics at the end of July.

Our Fall and Spring seasons will include weekend games against other teams in the area.


Please see the calendar and TeamSnap for our current practice schedule.

As the only water polo team serving Denver metro area, we have a variety of practice locations so that our member families hopefully have one closer practice location. We hold two to three weekday practices as well as practices on Saturdays and Sundays. We are a co-ed program with girls and boys practicing together and at times competing separately.

Though we do not have practice attendance requirements, we encourage our 12U athletes to attend a minimum of one weekday and the Saturday practice. Older athletes are encouraged to attend a minimum of two weekday practices and a weekend practice.


We travel to tournaments in New Mexico (mid-September and early April) and Nevada and/or California (mid-February) and late July. We also have attended tournaments in Texas in the summertime. We also host a tournament in Colorado in the first two weeks of November. The cost of these trips is not included in monthly fees. It is not required to travel to these tournaments.

Swimming Ability

We receive a number of inquiries from athletes who do not have much swimming experience. We find that adding a ball to the water is an excellent motivator for kids to learn swimming skills quickly and gain confidence. Athletes will have much more fun and practice will be much more productive if they can swim at least one length of the pool unaided. We do have a Splashball program for 5-10 year olds which is a modified version or water polo designed to teach the skills of water polo in a fun and supportive team environment.

We provide all of the equipment necessary to play. We recommend athletes bring goggles and a speedo or jammer swimsuit.